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Un bien joli minois-A nice little face

Un bien joli minois-A nice little face

Originally posted on Gaston Bessette, Photographie:

Ce jeune raton laveur bien curieux s’est approché un peu trop près de mon objectif et a fait l’objet de ce gros plan. La finesse de son museau et le pétillant de ses yeux m’auront émerveillé et je désire le partager avec vous.

This youngraccoonvery inquisitiveapproachedalittle too close tomy lens andhas beenthe subject of thisclose up. The…

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A small note from lil’ ole’ me…

A small note from lil’ ole’ me…

Hi hi!

Good day everyone. I hope all Angels doing perfect today. If you’re having a rough day like me, I can say that I do and can definitely relate.

I just wanted to say that I never diss, anywhere. I’m not politically-striped one-way or the other but of course I have my own leanings towards certain things that I gravitate towards.

Today I will indulge myself a bit. I’m in hot Texas and I feel…

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